Why Choose Electroneum? A Brand New Cryptocurrency of 2017

Why Choose Electroneum? A Brand New Cryptocurrency of 2017

Described as the “world’s first common currency”, Electroneum was built on a similar wallet derived from Bitcoin’s Blockchain. The sole purpose of Electroneum was to get a firm hold on the mobile gaming and gambling markets, keeping in mind faster transactions for the ordinary mobile user. Like Bitcoin Wealth Club, EZ Passive Profits and USI Tech, Eeectroneum is one of the great passive income investments as it is going to be an ever increasing market.



Bitcoin has a total supply of 21 million compared to 21 billion of Electroneum. While Bitcoin has 8 decimal places which creates a lot of hassles in transactions, Electroneum will have only two decimal places so you don’t have to count the number of zeroes after the decimal places to carry out transactions. Not only this but here’s a list of several other benefits of switching to Electroneum.


  1. Non technical users who are rookies when it comes to cryptocurrency shall be able to carry out transactions and even mine Electroneum using their mobile based app and secure/store their transactions using an offline wallet.


  1. No need of GPUs unlike Bitcoin to mine Electroneum and one can do it in a regular windows PC at home or at office. These mined coins can be stored in a windows wallet.


  1. Third parties will now be able to accept and pay in Electroneum.


  1. Their mining pool software is open sourced, i.e. any user can develop his own mining pool using his phone.


  1. Enables quicker micro-transactions which allow users to transfer coins between apps, games and other users.


  1. Will hold onto a widespread market due to the lesser number of decimal places compared to Bitcoin and creating hassle-free transactions.


The company have started their ICO on September 14th, 2017 and during the last week of the crowd sale, that is till 31st October, you shall be given up to 100 coins for each dollar you pay. The total coins available at the crowd sale sums up to 6.3 billion. You can participate in the crowd sale using Bitcoin, Ethereum or even Bank Transfer.



People have this major concern that if everyone starts mining coins on their phone, who are they going to sell it to? Well, you need more than a handful of people using a cryptocurrency for it to hold on for long in the market. The more number of people using it, more will be it’s value. It is estimated that the value of 1 Electroneum coin is going to certainly increase in the coming years as their ICO was itself at a value of $1.



Looking at the claims of the company and it’s performance in the ongoing crowd sale, it sure is a safe investment and shall bring good yields in the near future.


Selling Jersey Through Blog Posts

Selling Jersey Through Blog Posts

What if I tell you that there is a way for you to sell your Jerseys without the need for a physical store? It’s easier, it’s cheaper and downright genius. Have you ever thought of starting your own blog to sell jerseys?

In every country, there is always that sporting activity that majority of the population is passionate about. Take for example Brazil, soccer has a fanatical following in this country (well, it rumoured that football originated there anyway).

Of course most Brazilian soccer fans would love to possess a jersey of one of their football legends or current stars. For instance, who would not want a jersey bearing the name of legendary Kaka or Ronaldinho? Even if Michael Jordan is already retired his jerseys are still very popular in the U.S, and so as other great athletes.

So, as a business, how do you make sure that such fans get quality sport apparels wherever they may be? Marketing of the new and popular jerseys might be challenging especially with many counterfeits currently flooding the market.

So, how do fans get their favourite jerseys? Or how can your business merchandise such products without opening a retail chain?

Online blogging

Yes, selling your sports merchandises online, and letting customers know about them through blog posts.

Over the years online selling has been one of the key players to the continuous growth of whole sale marketing of merchandises. This can be attributed to the increases ease of use of such platforms that are also relative convenient.

Selling any product through a blog is a great way through which a business can enhance its portfolio. Most sport fans are active online users and are more likely to come across your blog post. This is a classic way of attracting clients to your brand.

Whole sale is one of the cost cost-effective options that a business can exploit when buying jerseys in bulk. These are then conveniently made available and marketed online in various sites.

Today you can find various sports apparels from various sports online. It’s no longer exclusive to the sports associations like NBA or NFL to exclusively distribute and sell these jerseys.

Indeed, the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to sell these jerseys is by starting your own blog to sell jerseys online. Capitalize on the contemporary technologically savvy population.

As a business selling online you don’t need to have a physical store and the best thing is that your store is not limited in any way.

Also, starting your own blog to sell jerseys is cost effective as it requires minimal capital and very few logistics. It one of the best way to cut your cost and save most of your finances. Today, you will not require even an online shopping site to sell your jerseys. Your blog post is enough to help you advertise and sell through various social media platforms.

With good implementation of course, blogging is the way to go. Sport jerseys sells like hot cakes, and your online presence will definitely boost your business credentials.

If you still want that big light bulb in your head for a booming business opportunity selling jerseys, then give online blogging a try.

You just need an active presence on the various social media platforms and you will be good to go. So why wait, just do it! If you need help in starting your own blog to start selling jerseys online, I recommend you go through this article: How to Start a Blog by Kevin Ocasio

What to Consider When Buying Quality Sports Jerseys

What to Consider When Buying Quality Sports Jerseys

Sports jerseys are not just a representation of school or team colors. They have to be ergonomically designed to provide performance-enhancing features for the players using them. One cannot use low quality jerseys during an important game or match because it causes problems like overheating, chaffing, and other unexpected issues for the players. The worst thing that could happen would be a wardrobe malfunction and no player wants to even think about that during the final quarter or the last pitch.

When choosing jerseys for your team, you need to consider several factors:

1. Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is extremely important. Even though one type of fabric may look good on you, there are important factors to consider like lightness of the fabric, ventilation, and its compatibility with the sewing needed to produce a certain type of uniform. Since different sports carry separate designs, it is important to choose the right fabric for the type of environment the players will be in and the design needed to perform their best.

2. Patterns

Sewing patterns are also important. Each sports carries a certain requirement for uniform specifications. Some are loose, like basketball jerseys, while some need to be tight during the game, such as football jerseys. They must be made using the right pattern because it allows players to move freely based on the seams and fit of their uniform.

3. Sewing Quality

This is difficult to discern, but it all starts with who you are working with. To get the best quality jerseys, you need to work with someone who offers authentic jerseys. Professional teams are the ones that design these jerseys. They do not have to be the exact team that produces the sports jerseys, but they do have to be just as good or even better in order to get the best value for money.

4. Durability

Many sports are hard on the body, but they are even more intense on the uniforms. They are subjected to dirt, sweat, heat, and force on a regular basis. This is why most teams need to use new ones every few weeks or even every game. They want to use the most durable, lightweight, and long-lasting fabric they can find.

5. Fit

Finally, one must consider the fit when buying or ordering custom-made uniforms from suppliers. You cannot ask for a general size or a one size fits all. Players must get fittings and change their jerseys according to the changes in their body mass, height, and weight as well. If not, they will feel uncomfortable during games and might even experience issues with the uniforms while playing.

For this reason, it is important to know who sells your uniforms, how they do it, and what kind of clothing they produce. Wholesale jerseys are also available, but it is best to get fitted for those even if you buy them in bulk. With that being said, choose the ideal uniform for your sport, your team.